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I am a bit late in writing this month. Following a challenging year last year I have been spending as much time as possible in refilling my empty vessel. I am spending much of my time in nature, meditating and focussed on vitality. Also at this time of year I get pretty busy with my work as a Wellbeing Facilitator as people (as we all know) get busy focussing their need for change in the New Year.

Meditation has been a real lifesaver for me and a realisation that it is the key to creating a space for change in our lives. The benefits are so far reaching some may look upon it with distrust or dismissal however this is because they have not practiced it and therefore remain in ignorance of the reality of the broad change that is possible by a consistent practice of returning to that still place inside.

For anyone that is a meditator and would like to be part of the global awakening, you can contribute to an event that will be recording the effect of meditation on changing the world.

If this is of interest to you I have included the information here as follows below. You may like to join me and can respond to my blog or check out my website. I would love to hear from you.

———- Forwarded message ———- From: Katelijne <> Date: 23 January 2015 at 09:58 Subject: Global Consciousness Experiment To:

Dear Friends

AWAKEN – time to evolve is a celebration of the planet’s evolution to an age of peace and prosperity through a shift in the collective consciousness.  The main objective of the film is to show beyond any reasonable doubt the great transformational power that meditation holds to uplift and ultimately bring peace to the whole world. The intention is to bring the knowledge of meditation to the world stage in a very positive and inspirational way.  Among other things, the film will feature scientists, celebrities, practitioners of meditation as well as several moving accounts of regular people who have been transformed against all odds through the power of meditation.  The film is much more than the power of meditation and will include amazing findings to help inspire and bring greater awareness of the collective consciousness and our connectedness with each other.

We are teaming up with many meditation groups around the world to hold a Global Meditation Day for this experiment and would be super-pleased if your organisation would support this day by participating.  The experiment will demonstrate the power of the collective consciousness ( and the impact of the day will be used to measure any drop in global negativity.

We are aiming to have 5 million meditators in many different countries around the world.  The day will create a powerful and unified focus for peace and would demonstrate a tremendous sense of unity and love, motivating and empowering others to help usher in a world of harmony.

The day is scheduled for Wednesday 22 April 2015.  The meditation can take place in any chosen location, or anywhere the participants are at the time so long as they can sit quietly and meditate for at least one hour.  We have over 200,000 people taking part so far.  The scheduled time is from 0930 – 1730 Thailand/ICT – Indochina time.   The 8 hour duration is to help as many people as possible to meditate for as long as it is possible for them on the day.

I hope that your organisation will be interested in taking part on this auspicious day.   All those interested can be directed to the following website for this information, where they can also sign up so we know how many in total will participate on the Day.   The Time Zone converter will show the corresponding time in your city/country.

If you would like to forward this information to your sister organisations we would be most grateful.  All meditation groups will be credited in the film and those with significant numbers will also be mentioned, giving the name and numbers participating.

I do hope that we can unite on this day and have your support.  I look forward to hearing from you.

With Joy and Peace

Katelijne Van Look

Assistant to the Producer

Broxstar Films


About wellbeingandlifecreationcoach

Hi and welcome. I'm Carolynne. My passion is our creative potential. My speciality is Self Healing. I love it when science catches up with the metaphysical and makes real for the billions on the planet, what was once invisible and only known to few because it creates a shift in our consciousness - but this is something we can all do without the need for scientific proof. I am a qualified Life Coach and Meditation Therapist guiding you with a new philosophy for living a life of love. I am a certified Holistic Counsellor, seeing you as a unique individual bringing your own 'heartsong' to the planet. I am a Meditation Teacher, sharing techniques of gurus, enlightened ones, the way-showers. I am an avid student of health, wellbeing and life. I am a tiny light who wishes to help other tiny lights to shine together to illuminate the world. Please join with me.
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