The Great Pursuit of Happiness and Success


Our own happiness is a very important thing.  Joy. Bliss. Peace.  These are our natural state.  We lose this state to the extent that we take on the conditions presented to us by the world plus the faith/belief we put in them and then the lies we tell ourselves, to keep this all in place.  And we do this constantly many times a day.

In my own life I have realised to experience this state I had to become conscious of the conditions that I was keeping in place and see them from a new perspective – a perspective of truth – and this could only come from deep within me.  This takes practice and courage and determination but it is also very simple and natural (more natural than not doing it) and worth it.

When we are not in our own truth we attach ourselves to positions and we hold onto them.  And we hold ourselves to them in a kind of co-dependent relationship.  We think they are important/real/necessary/are us.  It is this deception that keeps us stuck in the problems we face in our lives.  But if we step back and become centred we can see and acknowledge that we have a truer self within us and this gives us an opportunity to view the surrogate self we have been using to live.

Happiness is always there, with us in our centre it cannot go away, it is us.

What could be more important than happiness?!

Do you believe this? Do you question it? Do you diminish or even deny this? Or maybe you have come to agree with this statement and my hope is that you are totally cool with it.  Well done if you know this most of the time.  If not you may be conflicted about it, possibly feeling fear and excitement at the same time.

If this is happening to you, you are like many people, who still at some level wonder if it is even OK to entertain the idea of this statement.  I am here to tell you it is OK and necessary to own and advance your happiness – through your truth channel.

Until I found my truth channel these are just some of the lies that I believed were true but were in fact keeping me stuck in life.  Moving to a happier state requires an honest look at what you have surrogated for the truth. You may relate to some or all of these things in your own life:

I don’t have time right now to look at this.  STOP and look at this untruth. Really? All you have is time.

Someone else has the answers.  WRONG, the longer you look outside yourself, the longer you miss the messages you hold within that direct you towards your own great life.  Your life belongs to you and you do not need permission from anyone else to honour that.

If I just think this through I will work out the answer.  I bet you feel stressed just thinking about having to think it through until you come up with an answer.  Happiness is not in the past or the future which is all the mind can think about, it is here and now where thinking does not exist.  Thinking and working at it means we believe we have a problem to solve – this causes more struggle and stress.  Believe it or not all of this is actually optional.  In the here and now we are our being and we can do with/from our being.

It’s complicated; my issue is different or special.  NO.  It is actually simple!  However, if we hold onto these beliefs we make it complicated, different or special – then yes it is these things.  We forget or maybe have not yet come to the awareness of the truth, that all of us feel the same things.  The outer facts do not matter at all – humans have always felt this way and will always continue to feel this way, this is being human – we can get great comfort from this realisation.

I don’t know.  It is OK not to know when you have dissociated from yourself.  However the truth is, Who else would/could know?  This your body, your mind, your life (only you are living it yes?) and you would not try to find the answer for someone else would you?  STOP, be present to yourself, you will come to know.  By placing yourself in the ‘not knowing’ you create a vacuum that attracts knowing.  Our opposites unite.

I cannot hear my inner voice. It is in the quiet stillness, the silence.  It is also in the struggle as a mirrored or opposite picture – it is everywhere you go, look and live.  You will first notice that your voice is being drowned out by the noise of the world, that is, all the thoughts and ideas that the world has ever uttered to you and continues to project to you – in an endless replay it yells over the top of your beautiful voice.  Most of what we claim as ‘our thoughts’ belongs to someone else.  The world does not have your answers.  You have your own truth.

I don’t want to go there – Meaning into the pain; or the stillness, or the stoping/not doing.  If we are distracted by doing (and doing what we think we should do) and therefore not being, how can we begin to know who and what we truly are.  Being honest with ourselves is essential – as the saying goes ‘the truth will set you free’.  Busyness and distraction create a false sense of security and leaves no space for our awareness to come through to touch our lives.

I need to try something else – keep searching.  The search must begin and end within.  When we get frantic and keep looking for “the knight in shining armour to rescue us” we are not aligned with ourselves and our purpose, instead we continue to scatter our energy and go in all different directions.  You have all the tools and your own calling under your skin.  All that is happening is that your energy is just not centred and so your focus is in the wrong place – in this condition, awareness cannot be.  If you react instead of sitting in it, you end up living from reaction (from a decentred position that you are trying to desperately hold to) rather than acting from your centre.   This is the world’s crisis.

It takes courage to face your inner self, your sacredness, only because you have to give up something.  This something is not what you want but you hold onto it anyway.  And still your inner self is where your happiness waits.  Nothing else will steer you right.  Without it you remain without a compass; a ship without a rudder; a racing car without a steering wheel.  You have it right under your nose and it will give you everything you truly want.  Get to know yourself beginning right now.

Here is an exercise that will help you to begin.  Write this down and then go outside.

Find a place to sit in nature.  You may be in a natural setting, a garden or a city where you can see the sky, trees/plants, birds/insects or something else living and natural.  It does not matter just see and be in nature.  Connect with it.  Breathe it in.  Get as close to it as if you were meeting and greeting someone you know well and are excited to see.  Now continue to use your senses to experience it and then at the same time go inside yourself with your conscious awareness and feel what is going on inside your body, just notice.  Continue to connect with the natural world around you and at the same time feel inside your body the sensations – just let everything be as it is, just continue to see and feel.


If you have any questions or would like to share your experience please do so.

Inside you is the gateway into being human, to being the real you and to the answers you seek and all the tools you will ever need.  Happiness cannot be taken from you, it does not change with changing fads or circumstances, it is always with you and it does not want for anything except to be united with you.


The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach ®




About wellbeingandlifecreationcoach

Hi and welcome. I'm Carolynne. My passion is our creative potential. My speciality is Self Healing. I love it when science catches up with the metaphysical and makes real for the billions on the planet, what was once invisible and only known to few because it creates a shift in our consciousness - but this is something we can all do without the need for scientific proof. I am a qualified Life Coach and Meditation Therapist guiding you with a new philosophy for living a life of love. I am a certified Holistic Counsellor, seeing you as a unique individual bringing your own 'heartsong' to the planet. I am a Meditation Teacher, sharing techniques of gurus, enlightened ones, the way-showers. I am an avid student of health, wellbeing and life. I am a tiny light who wishes to help other tiny lights to shine together to illuminate the world. Please join with me.
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