Stuck – Give yourself permission to BE human

Bring your treasures to the light

Bring your treasures to the light

We’ve all been there.  And we have all probably read and reread all the great tips about getting unstuck.

They can be very helpful and sometimes awakening.  And often while reading them we may even say to ourselves ‘I knew that’.

But how often do we actually go ahead with the advice and do it?

If you find yourself taking the time to read the tips but not following through, then maybe you are just not ready! That is actually ok.  Too often we think that we have to fix something, and all too often this point of view just provides us with another reason to stay stuck.

Awareness is almost always the first step so put your attention on the ‘not being ready’ instead.

Def: Hu meaning God or No-thing

Gem hunting is a passion of mine. As a child my family used to travel around parts of Australia looking for specific types of minerals, rocks and gem stones just for fun.  The Earth has created so many wonderful treasures through natural processes of heating, cooling and pressure. You only need to know where to look and become attentive to find them.

Firstly you need to get into the physical zone and then the mental zone.  As you wander around or sift through soil, sand and water in silence, you become so ultra-focussed; gem stones can be easily found.  I still find all this fascinating but now I find my greatest gems come from the passage of my life (and others lives) and the exploration of my inner self as I meet with the ups and downs and all the bits in-between.

These kind of hidden gems come from the heating, cooling and pressure that we all experience in life and the most valuable gems are often forged from the resistance to change that we call ‘stuckness’.  Little do we realise that there is a diamond mine in every stuck (crystallised) moment.

I myself have been stuck in a loop – I have started many blog posts over the past couple of months only to get distracted midway through and then not return to finish them.  I have had so many great insights to share and yet I found myself skipping from one subject to another, from one insight to another, excited about the next one coming and totally foggy and aloof towards the last one.

My mind was not on the job and my body creating adrenaline.  I was filled with the desire to begin and the intense thrill of a new beginning – but each time I was unable to finish and share my thoughts as the adrenaline wore off.

All this doing was just keeping me in inertia and a sense that I would never get off this merry-go-round. I needed to face my past in my present.  To do that I knew I needed to stop and create a space in the present with what was happening inside me – with my stuckness.

Inside of us and through our difficult moments we actually form crystals – the carbon in our body turns to little crystals as we solidify our moments lived and turn them into memories which crystallise in our mind and body.  They feel uncomfortable to us as they become hard or sharp and there are reasons for this – it is to get our attention that there is important information that we are missing that will help us grow and shine.

We may choose to keep these information crystals buried and allow them to silently direct our lives and from time to time we may bump into them and probably see them as an obstacle on our path and/or we can do a little gem hunting and soon enough ‘sitting in’ with our present and with the right attitude, we find the treasures that we have been holding inside.

When our amazing awareness embraces the stuckness and as we ‘witness’ the alchemy of this process of turning pain into jewels we transform.  Until we are again ready to share our selves anew back into the world.

The perfectly formed facets of these gems act like a thousand mirrors and they shine as we bring them to the light where their beauty and wisdom are finally revealed, and even enjoyed and celebrated.

So in the stuckness is when we see things for what they really are, and we can choose, as we may, to witness them with curiosity, leave them where they are to be found again another time, or integrate them into our lives(and the new perceptions that come with them).

I knew there was something that I needed to connect with here. It was showing itself to me over and over. I needed to STOPTo be present to it.

To be calm in the centre of this whirlwind.  To let this situation show me what I needed to see/ to know.  I needed to give myself permission to BE in the confusion, the fog, to really become part of it.

I began by dedicating a small amount of time to this, whenever I noticed it happening and then connected with it many times throughout the day and now I have several days away from my usual routine as I have volunteered myself to farm-stay for a week. As well as an adventure and helping out a friend it has given  me a great opportunity for some dedicated ME time.

I am sitting at my friends’ farm in the hinterland, surrounded for 180 degrees by beautiful countryside and trees, watching alpacas and dairy cows roam and listening to the sounds of the Australian bush.  I am focussed now and letting my past catch me, pin me down and allowing my present to take over and reveal and heal.

I allow myself to be vulnerable.  I give myself permission to be human.  I take the time and the space that I am being called to take.  Be with myself as I find my gems and re-form.

And there are uncomfortable feelings and emotions and I welcome them as important and powerful messengers to guide me as I process my life and release it into the world.  And there are tears, but tears are the lava that moves the needed hidden ingredients from the place where they slowly boil my centre and keep me on alert and distant at the same time, either until they are ready to boil over to form a new outer layer or until I am ready to witness and collaborate in the change that is happening to me.

A new less perfect; and more perfect me; a new different me.

We may choose to expose our crystal treasures by bravely embracing and sharing them in their natural rawness and beauty or we may see something more special trapped inside them (like Michael Angelo found in the stone from which he carved David) and we may decide to polish or refacet them to our own liking.

If you are stuck there are crystals from the past that are stuck in your present and keeping you from your greatest future.  And this has happened so that you can easily and in your own time take a good look at the events that have solidified within you.  Hopefully you will take a moment in the present and find in them a precious gem.

So connect with what is happening in your present – this will reveal your past.  If you find yourself lost in this stuck feeling, don’t try to get out of it or avoid it, just be present with it – there is a gem there.

Until we bring our past into the present we cannot free ourselves to move forward.  The present is the only place where we can find the gems.

Part 2 later………………..


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Hi and welcome. I'm Carolynne. My passion is our creative potential. My speciality is Self Healing. I love it when science catches up with the metaphysical and makes real for the billions on the planet, what was once invisible and only known to few because it creates a shift in our consciousness - but this is something we can all do without the need for scientific proof. I am a qualified Life Coach and Meditation Therapist guiding you with a new philosophy for living a life of love. I am a certified Holistic Counsellor, seeing you as a unique individual bringing your own 'heartsong' to the planet. I am a Meditation Teacher, sharing techniques of gurus, enlightened ones, the way-showers. I am an avid student of health, wellbeing and life. I am a tiny light who wishes to help other tiny lights to shine together to illuminate the world. Please join with me.
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