Mind is an Abstract

mindMind is an abstract.

Not an abstract in concept (although it can be looked at this way) but an abstract of reality.

We can look at it like a great abstract painting that has never been finished and the onlooker (you) can make from it whatever it sees. But it is much more than this.

Mind is a reality, but a reality that cannot be conceptualised because it has no parameters. Therefore mind is nothing that we can imagine, as well as anything that we can imagine, as well as the unimagined and everything in between and outside of this. It cannot be defined.

Mind is all that we are – it is us in our fullness.

When we see our mind from this point of view we shift our perspective, we get a better picture of who we truly are.

Mind is all there is and it is us.

From this perspective we see that we are all one, and part of the same abstract.

Mind has a function.

From a physical and even a spiritual perspective we can consider mind to be a device or mechanism that builds life.

It is the most precious thing we have, in fact it is the only thing we have as, in truth, we can only ever have what we are. Please reflect on this now.

Mind is all that we are – it always is, was and always will be- it is us.

Contrary to the way most of us think about our mind we cannot lose our mind and our mind does not have its own way or ever have control over us. It is an abstract and therefore can only be what we imagine it to be. However our mind can create anything. And it does, as this is its function. It creates whatever you/we put into it. Or looking at it in another way what you/we project onto it. It is automatic and never stops.

Just like an endless movie on a screen.

The mind brings into reality whatever we imagine. Yes that means that whatever you/we are imaging about life, yourself, others –anything in fact – if it goes into mind it is! – and it will be experienced eventually in our physical reality if we put enough attention on it – it will be so.

Thankfully it is a shape-shifter and only the things we truly focus on come into our concrete world.

Each of us is part of this great abstract happening. With every thought that we have we shape this abstract into a thought form and then eventually make it real in form. Think about that for one minute. What world is inside your mind? Is it the one that you want to be in there? Is it the one that you want out there? That is the only one that mind knows how to show you – that is its function– to create your life as you the onlooker instructs it.

The only reality that you will ever know is the reality of your own mind.

Operating from a world mind you will only reproduce the past – a world you may or may not like based on the problems or joys of the past – this is a mind being directed by a toddler.

By bringing ourselves into a physical/concrete existence we have claimed a portion of this mind which we call ME. In this aspect of mind we see in a very limited way as we no longer experience from the abstract and only sense things instead from a field of perspective. This perspective can only be subjective (inside me) or objective (outside me), neither of which are true as mind is everywhere.

Perspective is the life experience that we are living. We find it essential to decide; choose; debate etc. the opposites of this experience that we call life but is in fact not life only perception/perspective. That is the good/the bad, the light/the dark, and the have/have not and so on. We hare a false them and us perception. This perception makes us feel vulnerable because we do not have the full picture only our perspective.

Sages have told us throughout the ages that we need to go beyond perspective to see the truth ie. the good/bad are two sides of the same coin. This may seem like jumping off a cliff to someone that loves perspective and their own perceptions, but we need to lose perspective to gain insight. There is no other way around it.

In your worldly mind you may be savvy enough to set in place a new future using skills that help you to let go of the pictures of the past and focus on an imagined better world. Depending on your skill level here and where you are with this practice you may be like a child, a teenager or an adult.  We may call this the level of consciousness.

Although this is a big step forward even consciousness only gets you part of the way. Stay there and you stay stuck in the box; in an endless loop.

But awareness – Awareness: that is the way. When you practice stilling yourself you become witness to the concrete rather than part of it. You can see how you are part of the conflicts in your life – you experience from the abstract.

Operating in your right mind (the connection with mind that we re-establish through meditation) you see only from a pure awareness and therefore experience only in a state of impartiality, abundance, and happiness. From this state you make better choices by operating from the awareness of the whole – the abstract. You establish a mindset that directly connects with the essential and natural flow of function of the mind to create life in an harmonious way. As we practice this it begins to happen automatically and we leave behind the need to direct. We do away with the variables and mishaps of the concrete and allow mind to create through the blueprint of life itself.

Old habits die hard as they say. This is only because they are rooted in old mindsets that we have placed there to protect our concrete world of me, mine and other.

Once you truly get this you are almost there. Then it is time to reach for the stars and surrender to the abstract world that lives within. There within our reach is a beyond-significant support to redirect our lives for the better.

The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach ®



About wellbeingandlifecreationcoach

Hi and welcome. I'm Carolynne. My passion is our creative potential. My speciality is Self Healing. I love it when science catches up with the metaphysical and makes real for the billions on the planet, what was once invisible and only known to few because it creates a shift in our consciousness - but this is something we can all do without the need for scientific proof. I am a qualified Life Coach and Meditation Therapist guiding you with a new philosophy for living a life of love. I am a certified Holistic Counsellor, seeing you as a unique individual bringing your own 'heartsong' to the planet. I am a Meditation Teacher, sharing techniques of gurus, enlightened ones, the way-showers. I am an avid student of health, wellbeing and life. I am a tiny light who wishes to help other tiny lights to shine together to illuminate the world. Please join with me.
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