The Three Basic Fundamentals that calm Fear and Stress

The greatest action is not conforming with the world’s ways.

             gratitude flowers                                          Siddhartha


Fear is the biggest problem on the planet today. The impact of our fear is having a huge influence on our choices both personal and collective. The world seems to be split in two – there is us and there is our opposition or our enemy.


Transform fear and you transform the world.


Fear is based on nothing but a belief that we need something. Either we think we need to hold onto something or that we do not have something. It is based on a false premise that we are not enough and do not have enough. The reality is that our true needs are very simple and are already provided for. And everything that we desire, we can create and let go as the flow of life demands. All things come and go. All structures are unstable as Eckhart Tolle explains in his book A New Earth. Fear itself is a construct.

Through our evolution we have come to an understanding of the concept that if we want to transform the world we must think globally and act locally. It is time to embrace this concept in its fullness and look within (locally) first.

When afraid, ask your-self: What am I thinking that I need, and is it possible that I don’t really need it? Is what I think I want so important that I will allow myself to remain in this fear and create (my) life from the stance of fear?

Believing the source of my joy comes from outside of me, I remain in fear.

We are living in a time of great change. Our continued life on this planet (Humanity’s life that is! Life will continue with or without us.) requires a shift in our consciousness.

We can easily observe where these shifts need to occur whenever we watch the News or observe and listen during kitchen table discussion (meaning much of what we hear and say).

If we take the view that the News only shows us what is going on out there and that it is occurring to someone other than ourselves, we are blind to the truth. The News is showing us what is going on Within – that is within Humanity and within us as a human being.

If we have something to say and engage in kitchen table discussion it is always useful to be considerate of what is going on within. This exposes the real problems. BE PRESENT.

Breaking into a system or exposing its weakness is a good thing because truth and knowledge must win out.

                       Dan farmer

We are witnessing more and more the disharmony that we have created for ourselves on our home, Planet Earth. The extent of the disease is flowing to the surface for all to see as new issues surface daily. The issues we are confronted with in our lives tell us about the inner conflicts that lie within humanity – and this means within ourselves, as opposites play out in the world and in our daily lives.

It will never be possible by pure reason to arrive at some absolute truth.                                                                                                                  

                                                        Werner Heisenberg

Truth does not come from one side winning over another. Reasoning and argument are not the best tools we have available to us to heal the wounds of the world, just as we would not expect them to heal a cut on our body.

In order to heal and live happily ever after we need to look within, with care and kindness, to allow the natural healing processes to occur. When we do this, we find that it is just our balance that is out in some way and nature always restores balance.

In our most natural state of kindness our uninterrupted Inner Voice is the only thing that can guide us joyfully out of this mess.

It requires a process to be ignited within each person. Our evolution on this planet compels that each of us do this now. It is happening regardless of our presence to it. It will happen more easily with our presence, or uneasily when we choose to stay in fear. Hopefully we each come to the realisation that the first option is the most fun and cool way to proceed.

It is a very simple thing for each of us to begin right now. It is a matter of making the choices that serve us each and all. And this takes a realisation that has been beyond the majority of people on the planet till now. That is, Personal Happiness comes from taking Personal Responsibility through focussed Personal Awareness and Insight, and that this is what benefits the whole(Universe). When the Whole (Global) is valued we are free to be happy individuals. It is a guaranteed way to provide a Win for everyone.

Responsibility –We can either blame the system, the companies, the government, the past, or the Other and continue to look anywhere outside of ourselves to find the problem and the solution or we can stop and check in with ourselves. Unfortunately, it has become second nature to pass the buck or try to buy our way out of the destruction we have caused for ourselves.

Responsibility is Wisdom and Freedom.

The things we really truly want: Happiness, Abundance and Wellbeing are not products. You cannot buy them. In our consumer based society we have fallen into the trap of giving up our power and have relinquished responsibility for our own part in our wellbeing and the fate of humanity on this planet.

Unless we become personally responsible, the pains and dysfunctions will continue to impact our lives. If we keep getting others to ‘fix’ things, we keep getting a temporary fix as this only treats the symptoms and not the cause of the issue – which always lies within. Of course we need others and they help us to see what is possible, but in the end it is You that must decide and live with the consequences.

Where do you need to take personal responsibility?


Awareness – this tells us what to do. We are designed to withstand life. However, we believe we are unable to cope or that nature or some enemy has it in for us. We have developed the Victim stance so strongly that we no longer use our abilities each day – we have become untrained, unskilled and unable to cope, and we feel stressed by the daily events of life.

We can resolve to do something out of place of deep understanding of our own needs, while doing the things that are necessary to support wise decisions for the whole. We are then able to stay aligned with our higher purpose and deeper goals and live in a state of balance. We need to learn about becoming aware of who we are, our abilities to meet our needs and how integral these things are to our continued wellbeing.

And practice awareness always. Moment-by-moment decision-making is what allows us to stay on track.

Awareness is Intuition and Wisdom.


We Do Not need to overcome or control anything we live in a perfect system we call Nature.


Love – Without love we have only one thing –FEAR.

We are now at a full circle moment in our history, where we must stand together in order to progress. We must work with nature and our nature as Human Beings to be different. As we become one we become strong – this is true for the whole we call humanity, the whole we call Earth, and the whole we call ME. When strong our intuition and wisdom shine. We make decisions from our strength which is Love. When we become aware of ourselves, we can no longer deny responsibility or our Love. We see that each of us including ourselves has inherited our particular identity and beliefs and that these things are our point of difference that make up the Whole. When we support others differences it gives us permission to be our (unique) selves. We then choose to serve the Whole because without Me there is no Whole.


That’s the beauty.  We are a mosaic of gifts & each of us has our inner beauty no matter how we look.

                                                                                                                                                 Mattie J.T. Stepanek


FEAR –Replace with: Fix Everything with Awareness and Responsibility


The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach ®


About wellbeingandlifecreationcoach

Hi and welcome. I'm Carolynne. My passion is our creative potential. My speciality is Self Healing. I love it when science catches up with the metaphysical and makes real for the billions on the planet, what was once invisible and only known to few because it creates a shift in our consciousness - but this is something we can all do without the need for scientific proof. I am a qualified Life Coach and Meditation Therapist guiding you with a new philosophy for living a life of love. I am a certified Holistic Counsellor, seeing you as a unique individual bringing your own 'heartsong' to the planet. I am a Meditation Teacher, sharing techniques of gurus, enlightened ones, the way-showers. I am an avid student of health, wellbeing and life. I am a tiny light who wishes to help other tiny lights to shine together to illuminate the world. Please join with me.
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