Life’s most powerful teacher

INU smile 2

I did not write a blog article last month.  I have just not been inspired or motivated to do so.  I have experienced another huge loss.  The loss of my 24 hour a day companion for the past 16 ½ years, my dog, and it has left a hole too great to fill with words.  I sat with my feelings, and took time to honour the memories, and find a new centre of balance.

This has been another defining moment in my life.  His passing has invited me to grow spiritually and emotionally in a whole new way.  When I lost my Mum and also my childhood friend earlier this year my dogs companionship and physical presence was a constant comfort to me but now he was gone and I had to connect with him in a whole new way.  His furry smiley face, his nudges, his familiar smell and his unconditional presence was no longer there to soften the pain.  Our pets are so good at being present and providing us with that warm fuzzy feeling no matter what, aren’t they.   Remembering these things allowed me to virtually bring him back to life.

My dog, Inu, has been one of the great loves of my life and I would say so far in my life, my greatest teacher.  But it was not always this way.  We started out together on very shaky ground.

I love animals and I really wanted a dog, so when a friend from yoga class told me her daughter had taken in an abandoned female dog that had birthed 6 pups I took my husband to have a look.  Of course once you see puppies you can’t resist.

I had my eye on a quiet little girl pup, but my husband wanted the independent, boisterous puppy with a cheeky curiosity for the world.  So we compromised – I got a puppy and he got to pick.

Well we thought this puppy was going to be small to medium from what we had been told about the likely father of the brood.  However, a couple of days later when I took him for his Vet check I soon found out that he was in fact going to be a Large dog – with a capital L.  Our Vet said ‘’Look at the size of his paws”.

I had never taken care of a large dog before.  As you pet lovers may know, they need to be well trained and under control or you can get yourself into much trouble with other people and dogs.  So I was a bit scared about what we had gotten ourselves in to, but up for the challenge.

At home he was full on.  He either wanted to explore, and he was free to go outside whenever he wanted and would often bring in to the house, huge tree branches that had fallen, or he wanted to be alone and would lie down in a corner far from where we were, or he wanted to play.

And he played rough!  You could not just cuddle him or play with toys or throw a ball, no he wanted to wrestle and bite – I still have the scars from the sharp little teeth on my forearms and feet.  We tried everything to train this out of him.

As he grew we took him to lots of different places to socialise and adjust him to different situations.  He always got really hyped up and it was an effort to keep him calm and engaged on the leash.

He was always happy to see other dogs and wanted to interact, but over the space of that first year he had been attacked 4 times and even mauled by other dogs that were not as happy to interact with him.

He began to put up his defences at contact with some dogs and be friendly with others.  With human adults he would often be nervous of them touching him and started to get up his defences around people too – we were confused and took him to obedience.   To cut a long story short, obedience training was not for us or him. The regimented restrictive code confused him more and isolated us, even more, from being able to help him.

At this time I was working as a volunteer with a boy with autism and learning all about interaction through play and acceptance using non-traditional learning methods – the Sunrise Program.  I felt there had to be a better way to teach my dog and I discovered that obedience training was not right for many dogs, often scaring and even scarring them.  Training was best done by working with the dogs natural abilities.

This fitted in very well with my learnings and my philosophy and I began to see Inu in a whole new way.  He was a highly intelligent dog but was afraid and needed love and understanding and not obedience and control.  This was a turning point for the two of us.

It wasn’t till later that I realised we were divinely connected to each other.  He was my petty tyrant and we were both here to teach each other and learn about love. There are many powerful tools of transformation but maybe none as powerful as having a petty tyrant. It may even be the only tool necessary to achieve total freedom. As Carl Gustav Jung stated:

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Here is the run down on the idea of a Petty Tyrant.

“A petty tyrant is a tormentor…….Someone who either holds the power of life and death over warriors or simply annoys them to distraction.”–Don Juan

The petty tyrant serves you by illuminating your judgments of the “wrongness” of behaviours and emotions in yourself and all humans, as well as events, ideas, opinions, wars, and nature.

The petty tyrant is like a mirror that reflects back to you the parts of yourself you agreed to send into exile. Don Juan says that the warrior/ess goes into the world in search of petty tyrants, and they are not hard to find! S/he does this with enthusiasm knowing that anyone who judges the way she acts, dresses, talks, eats, frowns, thinks, or votes is her unique personal petty tyrant. Anyone who irritates him, annoys him, triggers him, or pushes his buttons is a gift offering personal growth and transformation.

The petty tyrant is exposing the reflection of a child part and presents face to face like looking in a mirror of the truth of what s/he has been rejecting and judging. We can see the petty tyrant as a way to highlight inner friction, fear and negative emotions that are to be transformed.

In his writings Carlos Castaneda accounts Don Juan’s teachings: the warrior recognizes that his petty tyrants are getting to do things or behave in ways that he does not allow himself. Every disowned part of herself will show up in the petty tyrants of her world. When she is triggered by someone who is messy, she sees the reflection of her own exiled messy part. When he reacts to a companion’s burst of anger, he sees a reflection of the anger he has denied to himself.

The usefulness of the petty tyrant for growth is enormous. My dog Inu gave me the greatest gift I could ever receive. Some of the negative emotions I experienced were anger, frustration, resentment, fear and even hate.  As Don Juan told Carlos, petty tyrants are gifts and in the end, reacting negatively won’t solve the problem; it will just get us sick.

And this struggle was making me sick.  My mind was not clear and free and my body was definitely feeling the effects of the struggle.  To have continued to see things as I thought they were (and indeed listen to the populous view), I would have stayed in a resistant fearful state reinforcing my pain and would never have received the gift.  This is how it was explained by Don Juan (Sharman):

As Don Juan listened to his apprentice Carlos Castaneda, reeling from an encounter with a fellow apprentice he laughed and told Carlos how lucky he was.  Carlos looked at him as if he had lost his mind.  How can I be lucky?  This woman is crazy.  All she strives for is to aggravate me!  Why?  What could I have possibly done to her? His laughter increased and he says not to pay her any attention just understand that she is his petty tyrant – a person who teaches us important lessons in how to be detached, and to remove yourself from the illusion of how you tell yourself that the person relates to you.  Any attachment to this person has a corresponding effect on how you perceive yourself, exposing to you in the form of a mirror what you have disowned about yourself.

So the idea is that, you need to be detached from the illusion that you see/think.  You need to remove yourself from the illusion of how you tell yourself that this person relates to you.  When you are attached to the illusion, in whatever form, it automatically diminishes your view of yourself.

Inu exposed the area that was a false belief – he does not love me so I cannot love him and not loving him makes me love myself less.  In reality, these are ALL thought forms that only exist in our minds.  They are illusions or dreams of how we, “the self”, perceive our lives.

This helped me to identify a part of myself that was not being fully expressed, which is exactly the role of the petty tyrant, reminding us in the midst of turmoil and complaining to detach from the illusion.  Once this realisation is reached we can transcend the moment and rise above it – clarity is restored.  For me it became so clear that the only ‘fix’ for this situation was to LOVE MORE.  I decided that it was I who needed to give all the things that I was expecting from my dog.  Every day I chose to love him, cuddle him and tell him that he was the best dog in the whole world – even when he did not live up to that or love me back. 

So I decided from that moment onwards that I would love and understand him.  This was the great gift he gave to me – he gave me back the love I was closing off from myself and now that I was giving this love, my life became filled with love.

Miracles do happen as they say.  He became the most loving and caring dog I could ever have asked for and to me he is and will always be the best dog in the whole world.

INU smile

Do you have a petty tyrant?  How might you see your situation differently now that you know it is an illusion?  What might the hidden gift be?  I would love to hear from you about it.


The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach

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Building a sustainable and more open relationship with ALL of yourself

meditating baby

Have you ever allowed yourself to let go in order to move forward? I am sure it is something we have all done at some point in our lives, when the only thing left to do is to surrender.

Connect with the feeling of that surrender for a moment….then ask yourself, What if I did not wait for things to get to that point and I lived this way every day or even every moment?

So much of our life is focussed on getting somewhere, to that other place, other than where we are now. We want it quickly and we want it now.  We spend so much of our waking hours working hard to make it happen, trying to get to that imagined place where we can say we made it.  Do we ever really know when we are ‘there’?

In many cases when we do get ‘there’ the satisfaction level is much lower than expected. And if we have the courage to look back at the journey and be honest it has not been pleasant either, it has been tension filled and indifferent to ourselves and our relationships. This is a common outcome, leaving many dissatisfied with their lives.  Unfortunately, this way of doing things is so ingrained in our society that this dysfunction has become normal to most people resulting in a major social addiction.  The results are seen and felt by all of us, but unaware of what to do about it we just continue to put our focus unknowingly where the problems are and try to band aide them.

Well we don’t have to do this, each of us can make that difference in our own lives and this will cause a shift within society. In fact, if we are real about it we instinctively know this but are terrified to admit it.  That is, that we FEEL there is a better way and that it starts with me.  When we acknowledge this we are no longer working against ourselves and nature, it makes things easier to achieve, we switch the work hard mentality to a work smart ethos and allow and include the passive side of our nature.

We have a ‘work hard ethic’ instilled in our consciousness to the point that we never question it. Is it working for you?

We have been taught in a misguided way that hard effort equals gain – it may provide a gain but only in a limited way. The truth is that aware, relaxed, consistent, reduced effort with enthusiasm is much smarter and equals unlimited gain.  Our brain and body operate best and last longer without hard effort.  Hard effort is quite destructive.

The brain loves slow focussed repetition and is a master in capturing and organising every tiny subtle detail that occurs for us. When we understand this we feed the brain well and then let the brain function in full capacity doing the work for us.  We then move beyond the one step forward two steps back scenario and move into quantum reality; an existence which we are highly capable of operating at.  A way of being that effortlessly makes life move quicker and more smoothly.

This slowing our self down allow us to observe and be part of the operations at a much higher transcended level where attention is given to subtleties. These subtleties can be used by the brain in unlimited ways and it allows us to constantly find new ways to move forward. All possibilities are now open to us as we are functioning in a non-judgemental and expedient way.  This results in us experiencing a richness of life and we begin to trust ourselves and life and we get better and better results for our efforts.  Our focus and our efforts are shifted making us more active and passive at the same time.

When we ignore or dismiss the role of our brain and the capabilities we have within us we create a life of dissatisfaction. When we spend too much time working or thinking we create anxiety. And when we don’t get what we want – what our soul really truly desires we get depression.  These are major dis-eases being experienced in this millennium so far.  Unfortunately part of the problem is that we are so reliant on the system to sort it all out for us when the answer is within each one of us.

In years past someone who found themselves in this position may have dealt with it by dropping out in some way or another. These days we are trapped in the technology bubble of the 21st Century and this is much harder to do, people are instead taking the option of dropping out within themselves. If only they realised that this was unnecessary and that they hold the key to change and creating a better way.

We each have within us all that we need to not only sustain ourselves but also to shine. Please know that nothing is missing and you have immense greatness within yourself right now.

If your body/mind has been working hard to accomplish and/or resolve, what it really needs right now is down time. Be still and you will be rewarded.

If your mind/spirit has wandered off into despair, it has gone nowhere, call it back and express your love to it, be quiet and connect with your highest purpose, you are important.

Give to yourself what you need. In the beginning we may need help to do this.

There is a healthy and sustainable way to function in our lives and that is to begin living in a more conscious way. It starts with deciding to be kind to yourself by becoming responsible for your own wellbeing.  Begin this by stopping, embracing stillness and giving ourselves permission to just be in our lives and connect with our own state of ease.  There is power in giving in. The best practice I know for this is meditation.

This becoming aware alerts us to harmony or disharmony; to our stories and our choices; it releases the past and gives us a new beginning, and the effects of this overflow into our lives.

Through meditative and mindful practices we learn that we are humans and we are evolving. We learn about the present moment and how we can be more productive and have greater potential when we allow this moment to be and to pass.  We learn that we can adapt in healthy and evolved ways rather than pushing and coercing which inevitable leads to resistance. We learn what produces happiness and what keeps us trapped unconsciously.  And it teaches us how surrender and expansion can exist in the same moment.

Carolynne is a certified Meditation teacher with a diploma in Meditation therapy.

The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach ®

Transform your energy; Transform your life; Live Well, Share Love, Be the Change.

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Get connected naturally

happy09052014_1343  Can you believe it has been one year since we started this journey?  How time flies!

So we are at the end of our year of change and back to where we began.  It is Spring once again and a time for the Body.

Life is a constant spiral of endless cycles and rhythms.  Natural forces that we are intrinsically a part of continue to flow – with or without us.  We are bound by these cosmic energy forces but not separate from them.  When we connect with them on a personal level we can use them to our own advantage, where they take on a major role in helping us move our lives in our desired direction.

With consideration and the right focus we can easily observe them to learn how they can be our ally and through becoming a cooperative participant use the power they hold to our betterment.  When we do this we move from being a victim to being a small force in the universe.  With the backing of the universal forces we begin to master these forces within ourselves and become victorious; master of our lives and a greater force in the universe.

There is a lost wisdom in our technological driven, 24/7 switched on world.  As a human race we often fall into the trap of throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Taking on one system does not mean you have to discount another.  Nature is our ally.  When we really ‘get’ the fact that we are a part of nature – a perfect system – and that the human race cannot ‘be all, do all and know all’, we will then truly ‘have all’.  This separation and you against me type of thinking keeps us in exile and in an uphill battle of the biggest war on the planet.

There is a time for everything.  Connect with this concept and these cycles and you ease the unnatural burden we have placed upon ourselves.  It takes incredible effort to fight what is natural.  Instead we can realise our truth and work with nature for a greater and peaceful outcome.  Nature teaches us that life is a full, abundant and beautiful dance and a mirror to our own inner abilities and possibilities.  It is the perfect system for the flowering of humanity and essential to our evolution.

It is vital to our makeup, our growth and our survival that we as individuals engage with the energy of nature, such as the seasons, natural and universal laws and the greater cosmos in a harmonious way.  It is not optional or an added extra as we have come to view it.  This cooperation and inclusion in our lives is more necessary now than ever.  We can each do this even in our modern world by expanding our personal knowledge of the subtle movements of life into our every day and within our own body.

As we build a natural connection, change in our lives which is constant, happens in a gentle and healthy way.  Our lives become less unpredictable and chaotic.  Then we gain control over our own time and space and destiny and can adapt in our own unique way to the system that we intimately understand.

This is how we mature, learn and grow in healthy and vibrant ways.  To ignore this is to resist the very thing that will make that difference in our world.  By resistance I mean to decide ‘this is not for me’, ‘this small thing can’t make a difference’, ‘it is not that important’, ‘ I’ll do it later’, ‘It is too hard’, ‘It sounds stupid’, or any other reason you may have to avoid reality and the very thing that you are looking for.

It is our own such opinions in fact that keeps us separated from ourselves and the very things that would make us happiest.

If you have not realised this as you were reading my blog over the past year, I urge you to revisit the ideas that I have presented to you over this coming year – beginning October – to see how a little attention in the right place quite literally makes your world a different place.

It is really very simple.  Just begin by noticing the natural cycle that your body is in right now.  Is it at the ebb or flow?  And what is happening in the gardens and natural environments around you?  Where is the ebb and where is the flow?  How are you connected to that?  Do that for 5 minutes at various times of day and week.  Then come back here and answer for yourself 4 questions.

Did I just meditate?

What part of my self did I just open to?

One belief I could choose to have about nature for a more intimate connection is…..

Two specific practices I can do to attune more deeply to my Self in daily life are……

Thanks for the year. See you throughout the next.

May the wind be behind your back!


The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach ®

Transform your energy; Transform your life; Live Well, Share Love, Be the Change.

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Love, Life and Legacy

tapestry08072014_1354  A dedication to my friend Gail.

“My Life has been a tapestry of rich and royal view, an everlasting vision of the ever-changing view, a wondrous woven magic……A Tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold”.  Carol King

What is life really but a string of memories – created by the weave of crisscross connections that we have made in our daily travels with other life forms while on this planet together- a tapestry unique to each one of us that adds a vital piece to the formation of the great universal tapestry.

Building great memories is what life is really about.  Isn’t that the truth of what you and I really want out of our lives?  We savour memories that leave us with an everlasting sense of the awesomeness of living and love, and what it means to be human.

Once our life on Earth is over, memories are the only actual thing that you and I will take with us and the only one absolute connection that those who are left behind will have.

When loss occurs in life, we become very aware of this fact.  At the time of loss this heightened awareness brings us instantaneously back to the great memories of connection to the one lost.  The memories become so vivid, all-consuming and so real that it is like reliving them in the present time over again.

A dear childhood and true friend of mine has just left us at a relatively young age.  Wonderful memories of growing up together and our adventures together have filled my mind and heart since her passing until her funeral today.  I am so fortunate to have wonderful memories to review. I realised thinking back on our time together that I did not have any bad memories of my time with her.  Together we had truly created an eternal bond of wonderful experiences and memories – a beautiful tapestry. That is a rare thing.

With her passing and reliving these memories I see a clear opportunity for me to look upon my memories past and also forward to the memories I am currently building and use this occasion, and the awareness it has brought me, to reconnect with what really matters.  I am looking back with fondness, gratitude and joy for all that has happened in my life. The memories serve as pointers and feelers for the choices I am making now and the giving me a clear direction for me right now and for the whole life that I want to lead.

So with this new awareness in mind, the question is ‘What awesome memories are you creating in this moment, on this day and how will it affect, this month, this year, your whole life?  Are they providing you with a wonderful experience?  Will you be able to look back on them fondly, with gratitude and joy and be leaving the legacy of who you really are with those you leave behind. How is your part of the great tapestry looking?

The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach ®

Transform your energy; Transform your life; Live Well, Share Love, Be the Change.

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Personal Retreats and Silent Messages for Renewal


SILENT MESSAGES come from within and from all other places in our lives.  We just need to pay attention.

We are having the most beautiful weather here on the Sunshine Coast Australia.  My hubby has been working away for weeks at a time over the last couple of months and I am pretty much house bound at present with my lovely old pooch who needs around the clock attention in his senior years (he is about 110 in human years).   So I thought now would be a perfect time to go ‘on retreat’ so to speak and reconnect with my Self.  This is something that I did years ago at a time when I was struggling in my life and searching for my life purpose. And although I have taken the lessons I learned from that time and incorporate them daily into my life, I have not actually had an extended time away from my work (and passion) since 2004.

On retreat this time my first visit to self was to spend some time getting in touch with what I really need at present, not my artificial needs but my human being and soul needs.  To do this you must become quiet and centred – something I am now quite skilled at then I just listen for the quiet and gentle messages coming from within underneath the loud voice in my head.

I set up the fridge with beautiful fresh produce and spent time each day preparing and enjoying healthy, colourful and nourishing meals 3 times a day; and of course there is afternoon tea time (with homemade apple strudel courtesy of my mother in law sent from 2000km away) where I allow myself to just sit and watch the world go by.  The time spent at each meal has become a ritual of awareness and gratitude and I am taking my time and becoming mindful of my choices and the abundance that is before me.  It is nourishment for the body and soul.

My days are completely filled with nourishment.  Every moment I bring myself to the awareness that in this moment I choose to be nourished.  Meditation and Yoga, morning and evening is fabulously rewarding and revitalising.  Writing and drawing each day keeps my creator within happy.  Spending time in nature is essential – we have Pale Headed Rosellas nesting at this time of year and we often supply a nesting box for them to lay eggs and raise their chicks.  I have been observing and tracking the wildlife that lives and passes through our zone for years for local statistics.  We had a few years when we lost a lot of trees through urbanisation when many birds and animals were forced out of the area or into extinction.

This year as trees begin to re-establish numbers are increasing and we have had a couple of families of Pale Headed Rosella playing and jostling for the right to call this area home for the next 3 or so months as they mate and raise their families; birds that will return time and time again.

Even taking my dog for his walks morning and night, tending to my pets and doing all the chores that are still required of me I remind myself to not stray from my purpose of retreat and the wonderful gift of this time.  It is so easy to hold onto the illusion that I must continue on with my work, or the temptation to just call in take away every night, or the need for others to come and be with me (illusory and inauthentic), or the story that I am all alone and ‘what if’- what if something bad happens, or ‘why?’ –why do I get stuck with the old dog and the blind bird (I have a gorgeous blind bird that also takes much care). This type of thinking would only make my days wasted and in fact a living hell.

At times it is a difficult transition to make from my usual busy ‘in work mode’ and somewhat familiar and normal routine.  I have had to, on waking, and at times throughout the day (especially, when my mind tries to kick back into automatic mode) remind myself of my commitment, my intentions and my purpose, so as not to fall back into my usual habits and routine which have become my automatic comfort zone.

To care and nourish myself in mind body and soul and to immerse myself in caring for my beautiful dog and delightful bird is my goal, and my purpose is to do what is necessary in the moment, and my intention is to take pleasure in the life that is happening around me in this moment and to know that this is exactly where I am meant to be and exactly what I am meant to be doing.  It is meeting my authentic needs and I am only too willing to allow this to take place without my loud and crooked ego trying to intervene and spoil it for me.

Join me even if for only 1 hour to treat yourself to a retreat in this winter month of July.  I would love to hear from your experience where it takes you.


The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach ®

Transform your energy; Transform your life; Live Well, Share Love, Be the Change.

Any advertising that appears here is without my permission

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12 Secrets to Happiness for focus in a June Winter


Having worked through our vision and made our plans during the first half of this year of change we now find ourselves coming into winter.  As things mellow in the cooler months of our lives we get the opportunity to really make an effort to reconnect.

Winter is a time for finding the inner self and making peace with our soul, as nature withdraws and waits we likewise rest and reflect.  The cooler months call for us to draw back life into ourselves and become quiet and mindful.  Questions like Am I at peace with my life?  Is my life a direct reflection of who I am?   Am I creating the future that I really want?  What is preventing me from being happy?

From my own experience I can tell you that warming ourselves, with gratitude from the accomplishments of our previous months’ work, and the excited anticipation of what will become from our winter sojourn with our soul, helps us to look at these questions objectively and framed in a positive way. 

If we look at the subject of happiness for instance, we can ask ‘What has made us happy in the past and will it make me happy in the future?’, ‘What is it about my present that makes me happy? And ‘How can I enhance that?’

Many of us are looking outside of ourselves when we ask these questions and this produces more questions and disharmony within.  Without the benefit of a calm, mindful and objective attitude we fall into the trap of seeking happiness in all the wrong places.  When we pay full attention to our experience we find within ourselves the very things that we are chasing.

I have found in my own life and work with my clients, that we are happiest when we follow some simple truths.

Happiness is when we are:

*centred within and fully present – this is age old wisdom and now scientific fact.

* surrendered and celebrating who I am

* recognising there is human error in everything

* acknowledging what is instead of rejecting it

* knowing that I am a valuable piece of all that is

* remembering nothing has meaning except the meaning I as an individual give it

* forgetting about being right or winning

* letting go of being offended

* giving up the keeping of secrets and replacing them with truth

* being honest with ourselves first

* taking the steps required and doing what has to be done in an attitude of courage and appreciation

* embracing all of life: our likes, dislikes, uncertainty, the unexpected and the unknown

* feeling the feeling of all that is happening to me and continuing to hold onto and acknowledge my greatness

* realising I am always in training and need to make mistakes in order to learn a better way

You may be able to add to this list and I would love to hear from you about your own realisations.

Thank you for sharing and much happiness.

Picture above with compliments from Creative Missy

The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach ®

Transform your energy; Transform your life; Live Well, Share Love, Be the Change.

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Well on the Way to Wellbeing

journey 1

Trans–formation from Autumn to Winter in May

Our year of change is winding down a little, in the sense that we are coming into a more reflective “being” time and less doing time. However do not think that nothing will be happening as this is the most productive time and I think the most satisfying because this is the month for reconnecting back to your vision for yourself and it is an extremely inspiring time.
Have you noticed that as the weather begins to again change from autumn (fall) to winter our minds and lives seem really busy – like we can no longer keep up with them. It is like we are on a speed away train. This is a signal to us that we need to review and refocus as we have been doing so much that we have lost touch with being. Now is a time to reorganise and to change with the cooling of nature. It is a month to spend more time within, where it is calmer, where we can again find focus and our centre and keep the fires burning in ready for the next phase – the next 12 months.
May is the perfect month for slowing things down in our physical world of doing where we have been experiencing the effect of our efforts. It is the right time to return to our mental world of being, the world of cause where we create. Now is a season for review and planning and investing time and effort again into the design for building our future. This season is ripe with opportunity for renewal and reconfiguration in the areas of utmost importance to us.
When we make a conscious decision to sit down and plan we gain focus and clarity and a new excitement for the future. Of course in order to plan we need a starting point – a goal or vision. You may already have this clear in your mind or you may need to do some developing here first – this would be your destination.
Planning and goal setting is like taking a journey that you are really looking forward to but also a bit unsure of because you are adventuring into the unknown. It is a dry run of the actual event and for this reason you can really let your hair down and create at will.
When we were first married my husband and I spent 6 months travelling around Australia in a 4 wheel drive and tent. We had never really camped before and did not know how to manoeuvre a 4 wheel drive, but after a year-long process of planning and learning we said goodbye to our families, sold our home, left our jobs and were on the road without a hitch. We had a fabulous time and brought back with us some great memories and stories both of highlights and not so highlights experienced along the way. Whatever happens on the journey it all adds to the experience and a good plan better prepares us for the unexpected and the spontaneous. Being prepared makes these moments more enjoyable too.
So I like to remember my journey whenever planning. I am a great planner and have fulfilled many of my goals and achieved my dreams by following this process. And you can do this too. So once a destination or vision is established the journey then requires a purpose and a map.
You will not reach your destination if you do not know the direction to set off on and where to continue to head. Likewise, if your reason for the event is not clear you will get distracted by all the bright lights, bells and whistles that you encounter as soon as you set off and you will end up somewhere completely different. (If this is your intention all the best to you, but more often than not this is just what happens without a plan)
Now that you know where you are headed and its purpose/your intention you have an overview. The overview is important as far as the bigger picture goes but it is the day trips or daily action steps toward each of the milestones and that make up the journey and will give you those great memories.
First the map is constructed of the chosen route – based on your intention it may be the best route, the most fun route, the quickest route and so on. Then you can focus a little closer on the details – what are the most important things to visit on this journey and what are the experiences you want from these interim destinations.
Then between these major highlights/accomplishments where will you head off and visit each day. Then you need to answer the “what” questions. What will you need? What might you encounter? What might you need to know? What might go wrong? And so forth.
Each one of these parts of the process has a different purpose, connecting you with another part. Without the overview you really have no goal, no vision or purpose, just a figment of the imagination. Without the milestones, the time spent on the journey might be fruitless, have no interest or excitement, and could be so boring and routine that you do not experience the joy and purpose of the journey itself. And the dailys keep you moving forward towards your destination, keep the dream alive and keep you safe and on the path; and each step taken daily makes an instantly noticeable effect on your life.
So planning is not boring. It is fun and fantastic and it focusses the mind like nothing else giving you that sense of control over events as well as surprise, surprise: freedom – you can now sit back and enjoy the ride; inspiration – you have listened to the fire within; enthusiasm – you have committed and are on the path you want to be on.
Planning is where we create the energy and belief in ourselves and our abilities and our dreams. With a clear awareness of the tasks and the problems we may face, the vision and the journey, the tools and the vehicle, all you need now is the commitment to this idea and you can create your dreams and get into the flow.
Planning ahead is a great way to travel in life. How about taking your next trip in your life with this same process in hand and see what a difference it makes to your outcomes.
Carolynne is an Holistic Life Coach who assists people to create their lives through connecting with their own wisdom, unique energy and the power of love.l
The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach ®
Transform your energy; Transform your life.Live Well, Share Love, Be the Change.

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journey 1

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Autumn – One Year of personal change


The Art of Learning          


In the middle of autumn (Fall) in our one year of change.  Autumn is the season for the mind.

For generations now we have been informed about how our mind actually works.  We have been told how our thoughts create our reality; our lives.  And if we are living consciously we know that this is true.  The book and movie The Secret were the culmination of over 2000 years of evolutionary learning for our species brought into the 21st century and to this Age of Aquarius. 

We all experience times in our lives that are not working for us and make us feel bad.  At those times we may ask WHY?  Asking your-self a question can be a powerful way to bring consciousness to a subject in order to get perspective and find a way forward.  The question is extremely valuable in Meditation for instance, ‘who am ‘I and ‘what is the sound of one hand clapping’, and it is essential to coaching.  Questions like ‘Is it true’, ‘what else is possible’ and ‘what is the next step’ are frequently used.

Why? is a question but may not be the best question to ask.  Why gets us thinking of course but does this thinking send us in the right direction?  Thinking and questioning is not the same thing.  You can have one without the other.  One may lead to the other, but in the case of why? we usually go in circles because we have asked a limiting question. 

Questioning gives rise to thinking, but it is only with thoughtful questioning that we get thoughtful answers, just like yeast gives rise to dough, and without it you have flat bread/flat thinking.  Much of the time our thinking reduces our understanding or progress and fails to cast light over our issues.  Thoughtful questioning produces powerful thought that leads to exploration, exposure, breakthrough and wisdom.

So we could say that there are levels of questioning and levels of thinking.  The two main kinds of thinking are: the first type of thinking relies on our past conditioning, which can be useful for the average task but limiting in self- development.  This thinking is all about what we believe to be true and our learned responses.  The other kind of thinking lets go of expectations and limitations and seems to come from nowhere, like a light going on.  The latter way of thinking goes beyond memories, judgement, persuasion, generalisation, beliefs, theories or calculation and comes from a deeper more expanded knowing and allows space for creating, inventing, adapting, shaping, unlocking, uncovering and wonder.

The kinds of questions we ask determines the kind thoughts we have and inevitably the kind of life we lead.

It is not so much the right question but to begin to question, reflect and be aware of where this leads you.  Does it lead you to a single point of view or to the existence of other possibilities or even somewhere else? 

In the beginning this process is like trying to find a monkey nut in a forest where you only see apple trees because you do not know what a monkey nut looks like or that it even exists.  If you stay there long enough or wander through every day, you soon recognise that there are other types of trees and wonder if the other trees also have fruit on them, then on checking you find all sort of fruits and also nuts.  If you continue to be curious you eventually find monkey nuts.

Throughout the ages man has asked questions.  All animals are curious and use their senses in response to their environment but this only gives us immediate information about our environment.  In addition to these interpretations we are constantly receiving messages from an invisible source via intuition and an unexplained intelligence within our own minds.  Often we ignore this important information by the thinking the thought ‘this is not real/valid/logic.  This will places us into the limited thought and closed questioning that keeps us stuck every time.

The question is not helpful if you use it to produce a nice tidy answer either.  Our answers come from that place within, from our subconscious where we have stored away all of our perceptions from the past and they come from the field of possibility.  Great answers come to us when we move into the realm of solution and let go of the problem.  A great answer feels great but may often lead to more questioning.  It is a fun creative process.

A good question takes you to an open space where inspiration and enthusiasm exist.  When looking for an answer it is most useful to stay in the question and see what comes up rather than looking for the answer by thinking of the problem.  This allows the field of possibility and new perspectives to open, and our guidance can come forward.

There is no one final or right answer, just the one that is right for YOU NOW in this moment.

The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach ®

Transform your energy; Transform your life.

Live Well, Share Love, Be the Change.


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A time for Love

Lorna sketch photoWithout love nothing would survive.

I recently lost a loved one – my mother – a sketch that I did of her in her memory above.
It is a heartbreaking experience as many of you will know. I know when I lost my father – he was quite young – I just wanted the whole world to stop to acknowledge that we had lost someone very special. My Mums passing was not as unexpected and although a very difficult time I was more able to surrender to the reality of our physical life and know that what we call death is not the end. Love is always and eternal. It has helped me to know that the love never dies.

Love is never changing.
Love is a field – we can feel it and choose to live within it.
Love is impersonal and does not play favourites.
Love is never uncertain.
Living for love is a choice.

A Course in Miracles Lesson 127 says “perhaps you think that different kinds of love are possible….. It is like itself, unchanged throughout….Love cannot judge…. And it must elude the mind that thinks of it as partial or part… Love is law without opposite. Its wholeness is the power holding everything as one. If you achieve the faintest glimmer of what love means today, you have advanced in distance without measure and in time beyond the count of years to your release…”

We touch love in our lives through our relationships and we can reach that state at any time within ourselves through the practice of meditation. Love can elude us and seem to lie outside of time and space but in meditation we find that we can ‘know’ it at any time and it cannot be held back from entering our time and space dimension. When we give up our resistance and limiting beliefs we enter the field of love. ACIM states “For 15 minutes twice today escape from every law in which you now believe. Open your mind and rest.”

What is your definition of love? Could meditation help you to redefine it from a place of true knowing?

Carolynne is a qualified Meditation therapist and teacher
Founder of The Meditation Circle
Cert Med, Hol. Hum. Dev; Dip. Med Therapy
The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach ®
Transform your energy; Transform your life.
Live Well, Share Love, Be the Change.

The Meditation Circle runs classes in outdoor and indoor locations on the Sunshine Coast Australia


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From Lack to Abundance

ImageWould you know it if you were stealing from yourself?

Our Year of Change – February ends summer

The time of ripening – harvest will soon be on the way.

We have set our goals in motion.  Through play we have opened our creativity and through visualisation we have channelled our emotions and kept the dream alive.

Some of you may have hit road blocks and these can be many and varied because of our own unique way we view the world and ourselves.  One such block that may not be in our awareness but is providing an undercurrent against the flow is a lack of HONESTY particularly being honest with ourselves.  When we are not truthful with ourselves we back ourselves into a corner of false hope.

Most of us know how to be honest, have good morals and we make pretty good choices every day when it comes to the laws of country and of spirit (thou shalt not steal).  It is ingrained in our psyche through conditioning.  We pay for the goods, we stop at the red lights, and we would never consider squatting in our neighbour’s home because we like it.  These things are obvious to us, but have you ever considered whether you ever really apply those values fully and consistently to yourself?  And what is the effect when we do not?

Beyond the manmade rules that keep us and society in check there is a reality within us – a North Star, a Magnetic North that guides us in what is good and right for all.  Some may call this the Holy Grail, Utopia, the Soul or God. Regardless of our labels and belief in any of these esoteric concepts we intuitively and instinctively know within ourselves when we are going against the grain and this may show up as a block to our goals or as some inner conflict, causing loss and disturbance.  On the other hand when we are going with the greater good this feels good to us and we feel totally supported in what we are doing.

So now that you know this, are there any choices that you may wish to reconsider?

What are you denying yourself through self -denial?

Continuing to live this way is equivalent to drinking unclean water when you have been educated about unseen organisms that make you sick unless you drink clean water or not washing your hands when it has been shown to be one of the most effective lifesavers on the planet.

Having a clear mind means surrendering to the truth and becoming conscious.  We can put up a mirror and look a little deeper at those areas where we are afraid to look.  Here you may see something that you would rather reject, however to keep rejecting it is to keep yourself in the dark.  Give yourself a hug and do it anyway.  Turn on the light.

So get comfortable and really take the time to ponder some interesting questions:

Am I stealing other people’s time or my own time in any way?

Am I actually listening to others when they speak to me?

Am I making time for others or myself?

Am I overusing technology, is it ruling my life instead of supporting it, is it creating stress that it was supposed to solve?

Am I filling my day with endless activity with no time for reflection and processing?

Am I taking without appreciation?  From nature, self, other?

Have I made a promise to self or another that I have not kept?

Am I driving without awareness?

Am I choosing convenience?

Am I lost in the problem instead of the solution?

What is taking space in my mind?

Can you see how these are taking or stealing?

If you believe in not stealing and you are unconsciously acting in these ways it chips away at you without you understanding why – So now if you answered Yes to any of the above you are more aware.  Make sure you continue to come up with your own questions.  If you pay close attention to your feelings for e.g. something feels not quite right or amiss, something is upsetting me, ask yourself am I being honest with myself or am I stealing in some way?

Every choice has a direct effect on us and our lives.  This can add to us and the collective or detract from us and the collective.  In which world do you wish to live?

The Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach ®

Transform your energy; Transform your life; Live Well, Share Love, Be the Change.

Any advertising that appears here is without my permission.

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